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    Paying Off Mortgage

    If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage and can’t find a way to clear your mortgage arrears, you might want to sell your house. This would provide you with a lump sum of money for paying off your mortgage. If you have any money left over, you may be able to pay off additional bills with it.

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    If you can’t afford to pay your mortgage, you may be tempted to:

    • Vacate the residence and return the keys to your mortgage lender
    • Do nothing about your mortgage obligations and wait for your mortgage lender to file eviction papers through the courts.

    If you genuinely don’t have any other options for paying your mortgage, you should try to sell your house, rather than handing over the keys or doing nothing. This is because you will be liable for mortgage payments, building insurance, and other fees until the property is sold. Your mortgage lender is likely to obtain a far lower price on the house than you would.

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    Are You In Financial Difficulty And Need To Sell Your House?

    Not everyone is blessed with unrestricted financial resources. Mortgage arrears are a common financial risk for those with restricted funds or families on a tight budget where every penny is already accounted for. Many homeowners across the UK are finding it difficult to make ends meet as unemployment and inflation rise.

    This situation can happen to anybody, at any time. You could be having trouble meeting loan payments, and out of the blue, you’ve been hit with an unforeseen bill. You might have simply fallen behind on your mortgage payments and are facing repossession, leaving you with little choice but to sell your home.

    If this is the case, Property Buyers Today will assist you to sell your house swiftly and easily. We may acquire your home straight from you, and you can anticipate money within a few days, allowing you to pay off any outstanding credit and avoid going deeper into mortgage arrears.

    Feel free to contact us today for advice and support for paying off your mortgage and how to sell your house.

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