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Case Studies

We helped Mrs. Hunter sell her inherited house from her late mother

Mrs. Hunter inherited a 3 bed semi-detached house from her late mother in Doncaster. As she lives in Kent, with no desire to move, she put it on the market with an agent for 6 months. After no significant offers, she then reduced the price by 20%, and put it up with another agent, from here she got an offer she accepted from a mortgage buyer. 

The buyer ended up messing her around on the 11th hour and couldn’t complete due to the surveyor pointing out potential damp issues. 

They then called Property Buyers Today and we managed to give them an offer within 2 hours of their first call. We viewed the property the following day and managed to start the legal process as the description given over the phone matched what we saw in person and we ended up completing the transaction in 2 weeks.

We supported Mr and Mrs. Bradshaw dividing their house assets during their divorce.

Mr and Mrs. Bradshaw were in the process of getting divorced and needed to sell their house within 4 weeks. They needed to divide their assets up accordingly, but they didn’t have enough cash to rent a house or buy another house each. 

They called Property Buyers Today and we gave them a desktop offer within 1 hour. We visited the property after 2 days to confirm our offer was in line with what we had seen from the property, and we completed the transaction in 1 week.

We prevented Mr. Scott losing everything during financial difficulties

Mr. Scott was a delivery driver for a large company and had been caught driving without his seatbelt, which led to him getting fired. He then fell short on his mortgage arrears and ended up being 6 weeks away from a court hearing to repossess his home. 

He called Property Buyers Today and we were able to offer him a cash offer. The sale, along with all legal documents, were complete within 3 weeks, giving him plenty of time before his court hearing. This prevented him from getting repossessed and having a black record for 7 years; Mr. Scott will now be able to apply for another mortgage in the future.


“Having chose to go down the route of a cash buyer, I received 5* treatment from start to finish. I would highly recommend this company, their communication and professionalism is fantastic. Stayed in touch with me personally throughout the whole sale and totally made me feel at ease. Gave the price that was offered in the beginning. It was a pleasure to deal with you.”

Susan Thompson, 55 - Lincoln

“We worked with Saif on the sale of one of our properties. PBT delivered everything they promised and were constantly available throughout the complete process. They worked in a clear transparent manner and as such we will be using their services again.”

Suk Dosanjh, 56 - Scunthorpe

Saif was clear throughout the process, he obtained valuations from local agents and the price agreed was fair and more than what we thought for a quick sale. The process was completed in 2 weeks and Saif paid our legal fees too – overall, extremely impressed from start to finish and I would highly recommend Property Buyers Today.”

Alastair Woodford, 45 - Doncaster
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